Thursday, 21 April 2011


Existentialism is the field of philosophy that concerns itself with the purpose of human existence. It essentially asks 'the big question' of 'why are we here?' There are a few philosophers that pioneered in this field - Jean Paul Sartre and Martin Heidegger to name two of the most influential thinkers in this area - however, I am not choosing to cover either of their existential philosophies in any extensive depth in the communication of my posters. I am aiming more to communicate general statements or points that simply relate to existential thought.

Here are some examples (not necessarily designed examples) that explain the general idea of existentialist thought:

"Existence precedes essence" - Jean Paul Sartre, is probably the most famous quote that has come out of existentialism. However, it can be difficult to understand at face value. The quote is in relation to the existence of humanity. What Sartre is saying is that when considering humanity, its existence comes before any purpose that is claimed or suggested for it. He is essentially saying that there is no purpose to the existence of any human. Only that we create our own purpose based around the lives that we live. Therefore there is nothing more to life than existence. We are born, then we eventually die.

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