Thursday, 22 September 2011

identifying what kind of designer I am

Today's session was very useful in underpinning a personal direction as a designer. I personally felt this was very useful after the drought of working attitude over the summer break. (Although I did do work over summer - including a placement - it was nothing compared to the usual daily working routine I am used to in the studio.)

I have to admit that 'what kind of designer I am' has been bugging me a bit this summer up to this session. All it took was a bit of grinding thought and chatting to a few people whilst taking a bit of a step back to look at an overview of my own work. Here are the three sheets I produced as a method of breaking down my character as a person and designer in order to formulate some statements about my practice:

This is the key statement I concluded that controls the 5 statements below it:

"I focus myself around branding and packaging with a communicatively aesthetic interest in illustration and image-based typography."

And now the 5 statements underpinning statements that relate to briefs I see myself as fitting for:

  1. "An image-based investigation of branding with a focus on typography."
  2. "An image-based investigation of packaging with a focus on illustration."
  3. "An illustrative investigation of opinions with a focus on editorial image."
  4. "A typographic investigation of packaging with a focus on the music industry."
  5. "An illustrative investigation of literature with a focus on books and novels."
I have made the above bold statement much more readable by breaking it down into simpler language:

"My practice is an image-based investigation of branding and packaging with a focus on illustration and typography."

I have since change my statement slightly to:

"My practice is a print-based investigation of branding and packaging with a focus on type and image."

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