Monday, 24 October 2011

progress crit 1

The most recent Thursday saw the taking place of our first student-led crit since beginning the module. I signed up to a crit group that included - along with myself - Sai, Brady, Richard and Gemma. The format of the crit meant that we presented and answered questions about our work in the space of 5 minutes each. Personally, I feel that this seemed a bit rushed but the reality of the situation is that we wouldn't have long to present in industry in a situation such as a crit. After this we simply went around everyones work and wrote a crit sheet for each person. This was followed by a general discussion of our work. Here are some points/pointers that I received in relation to my own work:
  • Good to see work on more than one brief. This is evidence of attempting to juggle around the projects and manage time. Don't forget about the other two though.
  • Contextual research seems to be progressing pretty well in relation to both briefs. However, some posts are quite long such as the Penguin Great Ideas books. Consider using Issuu to minimise scrolling time for blog viewers.
  • Be careful not to jump into too final ideas when producing different design ideas. This goes for both projects. Don't forget about paper progression and rough idea generation. More ideas can be generated this way with a greater breadth of choice in deciding on final designs.
  • It's time to think about expanding ranges in the projects that I have started - particularly the Hyde Park Brewery Brief. Don't get too bogged down on one element such as the packaging. Decision making is absolutely key. Sometimes you have to be ruthless and just press on with an idea and deal with the problems as they occur. There is no time for messing around. Especially when I still need to start 2 briefs!
  • In relation to the Hyde Park Brewery brief, the difficulty in making the brands H and P look unique compared to other famous company brand acronyms such as HP Sauce, Hewlett-Packard and even Harry Potter came about. Utilising the B for 'Brewery' in the acronym was a good move apparently. It's difficult to get away from these huge brands but otherwise, the logo is looking good according to feedback.
  • Begin thinking about deliverables for the briefs. The best suggestion for expanding a range was to extend the Penguin Books brief to audiobooks. This wouldn't be too hard. I would just need to transfer the designs into a digital context on the iTunes stone perhaps, or Amazon.
  • A general notion from all participants was to keep experimenting. There is fun to be had with both briefs that I have started. However, don't get carried away. It wouldn't be great to get to the end of the module and find out that I have 100 ideas with no development or progression. Be decisive also.
  • The crit sheets filled out by the participants are below:

All in all this was a very useful crit with some good advice and verbal motivational material. Probably a good time for a crit. It was also great for me to see how other people are progression in comparison to myself. I gauged a good view of this when looking through loads of peoples blogs before the crit formally began in studio 4. I feel quite comfortable with how I am progressing although I will always feel like I can be doing more. The way we have to manage time is a new experience for me. It feels like everything keeps getting in the way of everything else; 4 briefs, dissertation, website, portfolio, self-branding, briefs, tutorials, crits. But this is the harsh reality of what we do. It's a busy career path unfortunately. But hopefully a rewarding one.

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