Thursday, 13 October 2011

progress tutorial with lorenzo 2 - 13/10/11

As opposed to the last tutorial, this was a one to one with Lorenzo. It gave me a good insight into how I am progressing with my work in terms of the rate of production and the standards that I am meeting. At this point I have currently begun working on the solely brief 1 (the real ale brief) whilst producing work for the Manchester Book Fair on the side. Since the first tutorial I had been focussing work on the Manchester Book fair more due to the close deadline. However, I had still made some progress on the ale project. The following issues were raised:
  • Good to see progress in meeting the contemporary requirements of the brief through progressing with the concepts of the 'weather design' and the 'credit crunch ales'. An issue was raised though. Should I choose to use either of these under the Brewery, then this would dictate the reaction that the brand seeks to create in the audience. The Hyde Park Brewery would be seen as quirky and unusual with ales that provoke a laugh. Lorenzo made me think about how I want people to react to the brand and whether this was the right direction for me to take in the project and more importantly it helped me gain an insight into the fact that how people react to a brand is part of a brand itself.
  • A discussion of deliverables for the project was had. I wanted to discuss the possibilities of designing a website skin for the Brewery. Lorenzo thought this to be not absolutely essential for the range based on the idea that ale drinkers and drinkers in general generally do not look on websites for what beer to drink. It wouldn't serve much purpose in reaching out to the audience. Should a website skin be designed, it would have to keep within the brand should a curious member of the general target audience decide to view the website.
  • General project management was discussed. Lorenzo was keen for me to begin working on another brief as well as the ale brief. I certainly agree. Lack of progress for any other brief has been due to my decision to take part in the Manchester Book Fair. Although Lorenzo approved of my partaking in the Book Fair, he stressed that I should begin another brief upon its completion in order to keep a smooth progression of production and not get bogged down towards the end of the module. Although inevitably, I will feel bogged down at the end of a project, as there will always be more you can do it, beginning another project is a step in the right direction for effective efficiency and time management.
  • After assessing the work I have done so far, Lorenzo noticed my lack of paper-based work. In helping develop a logo for the brand, he advised that I take a step back to the drawing board in developing this. He stressed the advantages of speedy and productive visual exploration through scribbling out ideas and visuals to take forward onto a computer to explore further in greater depth. I have certainly taken this on board and intend to get on with this as soon as possible. I am quite keen to sort out a logo and begin expanding the aesthetics of the desired brand over products and promotion. Presently, I feel behind in achieving this task so it is something of a priority.
In general this was a very useful tutorial and helped me put a foot in the right direction with some thought provoking insights into how to approach my work.

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