Thursday, 6 October 2011

progress tutorial with lorenzo - 6/10/11

After being thrown into third year, it was good to have my first bit of tutor time in order to run over my work to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Others were present in the tutorial. I had Sean, Ceara and Paul to offer their advice and feedback on the directions I am taking with my work.

The tutorial mainly consisted of a discussion of the briefs that we had written ourselves that we plan to produce before the deadline in July. Here are my briefs along with what was said about them.

  1. New Real Ale Brewery based in Hyde Park, Leeds. Tackling branding, packaging and promotion.

    No real issues here. Lorenzo said he was quite clear about the contents of the brief and it has ample room for expansion if needs be. There is a lot of room for creative freedom and a bit of fun working on a range of ales that catch the eye. The audience is clear. Pretty apt focussing it around one of the busiest student areas in Leeds where young(er) people roam freely around the pubs situated in the area. The trickiness is the make the bottle designs work with the branding. This is the main problem that I am currently having with the project. However, once this is sorted a solid range should begin to expand outwards.

  2. Penguin Books Box Set: Dystopian Fiction. A boxset of books that share the common theme of being dystopian fiction. Tackling book covers, packaging and promotion.

    Again, not too much of a problem here. Penguin book covers usually have a high standard of design to them so in some respects this could be seen as a challenging task. There is a good deal of creative fun to be had in developing the cover designs. This should also dictate the branding of the promotion. It is important to keep a universality to the range. I haven't begun this brief yet but I am looking forward to cracking on with it.

  3. Sainsbury's Affordable Christmas Food Range. The idea is to package a range of affordable Christmas foods for Sainsbury's along with some promotion of the range.

    There is good scope with this brief in creating something new under the Sainsbury's brand. With the brand of Sainsbury's already there to work with I will have to look at creating something unique for an existing brand. This will be the challenge here. With the theme of Christmas there is a big range of aesthetics to work with for the range and promotion. The range should dictate the promotion.

  4. D&AD Brief which has not been released yet. This is pending.

    My only task here is to wait for the briefs to be released and then decide one. It is key that I choose a brief that ties in with my desired direction as a designer. I have briefly talked to Chris Starkie about collaborating on a D&AD som there is potential for this here.
All in all Lorenzo wants me to crack on. Progress with brief 1 was satisfactory although I was advised to have more fun in experimenting how designs can shape themselves around a bottle. This is all part of the brand. This resulted in the decision to gravitate away from traditional label shapes such as ovals and squares. In this respect the bottle becomes the art board which I am free to explore as opposed to constraining my design to an oval or a square. This is much more apt for the contemporary approach that I wish to situated the designs around that is stated in my brief for the project.

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