Wednesday, 9 November 2011

matias chilo led zeppelin iv typographic posters

I'm not exactly why this guy designed these posters other than perhaps for the fact that he loves Led Zeppelin - and particularly their album Led Zeppelin IV. Either way, even if this doesn't have much of a purpose I think its a good starting point for research into how to approach this brief. This clearly looks a lot more contemporary than the largely 70s album art aesthetic of Led Zeppelin albums. It is a unique and interesting way to approach the band. This is what I want to try and get out of this brief.

Each poster communicates the title of each track on Led Zeppelin IV. Similarly, I am doing designs for all 8 tracks.

Although the posters are heavily type-based - and good type at that - there are a couple of cool images for Black Dog and Misty Mountain Hop. I think the series lacks colour though. Some kind of unifying colour palette would make these posters that bit more successful. On the whole though, I really like them. As a Led Zeppelin fan, I would happily have one!

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