Thursday, 10 November 2011

one to one tutorial with fred

Heading into this tutorial I was very curious as to how I am actually progressing as I have been finding this very difficult to judge myself with the many projects that I have going on at the same time. I do know that I could have had more for this tutorial as I was hoping to have started my third brief (Led Zeppelin IV 40th Anniversary) with a bit more comfort heading into the tutorial. Nevertheless, here were the issues raised:

Brief can be found HERE.
  • Brief 1 (Hyde Park Brewery) - It was concluded that this brief is coming to a close which I was pleased to hear. I need to present my deliverables effectively and professionally for presentation on final boards. Tasks to complete are the delivery lorry proposal for the brewery, beer mats, pump clips and stationary. Fred said that it seems like a lot but it can be done within a week. I will give this my best shot. I want this project out of the way so I can concentrate on other work. Other issues that were raised were that the bottles of ale that I had printed labels for and stuck on the bottles do not have any back labels with ingredients and information. I took Lorenzo's advice in an earlier tutorial to leave out the back labels as they were not essential in relation to proposing and presenting the ales through photography. Fred on the other hand said that if I am working to professional standards of design then I should be designing the backs. However, he did say that perhaps I can alter the labels for my own portfolio as opposed to the project. I took this on board as an error and I will do my best to find the time to alter it.
  • Brief 2 (Penguin Dystopia Books) - Much like the brewery, this brief is coming to a close with deliverables needing to be finalised and proposed for presentation boards. I need to propose audio books, a Waterstones poster window display, Waterstones points card and Waterstones bags that revolve around the Penguin Dystopia theme. like the Hyde Park Brewery, I want this out of the way as soon as possible to concentrate on my other two briefs. Fred was keen that I get this done for next weeks crit. I agreed to take this challenge on. Otherwise there didn't seem to be many issues with how I was getting on with this. Generally positive.
  • Brief 3 (Led Zeppelin IV 40th Anniversary) - This project had literally just begun as I stepped into the crit. Most discussion for it was focussed around the brief that I had written and the proposed deliverables for the project. Fred suggested an idea that based itself around editioning of the 7" records although I have to admit that I am not to keen on this although I am glad that suggestions were being thrown around. There was talk from Fred of turning this into a an FMP brief. General advice here was to crack on, churn out the ideas and get moving.
  • Brief 5 (Manchester Book Fair) - Fred seemed keen on me extending this project from the 5 editioned books that I had made for the Manchester Book Fair. He suggested that I could simply make postcards and huge prints of the illustrations. I don't mind these ideas at all - in fact I would love to do some large scale prints of the illustrations - but I don't feel that they are anything of a priority as I would rather prioritise other briefs over this. All I wanted from this brief was an edition of 5 books that I had a bit of fun putting together to potentially sell.
Generally this tutorial seemed pretty positive. It gave me good grounds as to how I am progressing the third year which I don't feel is outstanding at any rate although I generally feel comfortable and happy with the work that I am producing for myself and my portfolio as a developing designer looking for placements and potentially work after graduating.

Here is Fred's feedback:

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