Thursday, 3 November 2011

progress crit 2

This crit was a fantastic guide in aiding me with an idea of where I am at with the projects that I have started. It was a good for helping to establish a direction with each project in relation to the deliverables. This seemed to me something of a focus for the crit, but nevertheless a worthwhile one. I would have liked to have had more for the crit. Or more specifically, a start to the third brief. It was good to have a crit with the same people that critted my work last time. They were able to give a slightly deeper insight of their opinions this second time after having famliarised themselves a bit with my work in the last crit. Issues raised with my work are as follows:
  • It wasn't mentioned heavily in any feedback. However, it was made pretty clear that I needed to get the ball rolling on  a third brief. I was well aware of this criticism coming up.
  • There was a lot of deliberation on the crit sheets in relation to the deliverables for the projects that I have started. There were many suggestions for how the extend deliverables from packaged ales and book covers respectively. Nevertheless, most of the suggestions of extending deliverables for a range are already mentioned as set deliverables in my self-written briefs. However, there was a good suggestion of audio books as an extra deliverable for the Penguin Dystopia brief.
  • I wanted to discus the potentiality and priority of designing website pages for the brewery in brief 1. It was suggested that this is not necessarily anything that would be relevant tot he target market. However, should I decide to venture into the idea of a website, it was suggested that perhaps it would be better to aim it at a more business end - people who will be wanting to sell the ale at their pubs and how to get it delivered etc.
  • It was mentioned that perhaps my idea development was too 'final', limiting my freedom to explore ideas quickly through drawing. However, it was also suggested that perhaps drawing was not appropriate for some of the ideas. Nevertheless it was a fair criticism.
  • It was noted a few times that my research seemed pretty well covered and that I was looking at very relevant material in relation to my work. It was also mentioned that my influences were clear in the work that I am producing.
All in all this wasn't such a bad crit. It was good to hear the positive things and discovering that my projects (that I have started) seem satisfactorily under way, but it was also good to hear where I am perhaps going wrong ar where I am missing out. Outside opinions are always very helpful as you get a fresh idea of your projects 'face value'. Here are the crit sheets filled out by Sai, Brady, Richard and Gemma.

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