Thursday, 8 December 2011

final crit

As a general judgement, this crit was extremely helpful at such a late stage in the module. Crit comments on design work were more or less beyond repair so I personally was looking for solid constructive feedback on my board designs that I had drafted up for the crit. Luckily this was mostly what I got out of the crit. The following issues were ones that I took on board. PDFs of my boards can be found here.
  • Type size - This was something that I definitely wanted to clarify. It seems that it appeared too big printed off on the boards. I designed it with about 14pt type. I intend to change this to around 10 or 9pt out of recommendation.
  • Type choice - Admittedly, italics was a risky choice that didn't pay off. As soon as I put out my boards, Aaron - who didn't even crit my boards properly - pointed out my misuse of italics. Sometimes it can work in the relevant situation such as here on Manchester creative Young's website. However, it was definitely not appropriate for my boards. For a start, Young's website is on screen. I am designing for print!
  • Lack of board numbering - This is pretty self explanatory really. I didn't number my boards. A common sense mistake. The boards need numbering so it is clear how they work sequentially.
  • Repetition - I prefer to call this 'milking it'. It's not something I did intentionally but it's as clear as daylight when you take a step back and look at your boards. Sometimes you need to question why your showing a photo of the same product across two boards. This is something I feel foul of. More boards does not mean more work. I intend to change this and narrow down my boards.
  • Typos - There were a couple of typos. Human error will always play a part in everything. I will address these.
The problems above are the main ones. I intend to go off and resolve these problems and power on to submission. Because it's so close now and I simply want everything finished so I can think about other things.

The crit sheets courtesy of Charlotte, Becky, Meryem, Kim and Kirsty

Draft of an A2 board:

I conducted my critting with Dutch. We had a good laugh doing it whilst also noticing things in other people's work that we could address with our own. We hope our critting was helpful to all.

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