Thursday, 1 December 2011

previous mojo magazine covers

I have taken the time to examine previous Mojo Magazine covers to see how to approach mine. The covers certainly changed over time. There is one distinguishing thing about the newer covers. They all appear to have CDs that come with them. his certainly dictates the cover design meaning that a square has to be left blank on the magazine with no info in it as the CD covers it.

My approach is to have a square booklet in the same place as the CD on the cover. I will have to design around this.

I have taken a look specifically at the Led Zeppelin covers that they have had in the past to see if there is anything that distinguishes them from others. In all honesty, they all seem very different. It seems to be the artist that dictates the theme of the cover on most cover. Jimi Hendrix is hosted by a psychedelic theme for example. It seems logical to design the cover to fit with my range of design.

Led Zeppelin Covers

Other covers

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