Saturday, 10 December 2011


After considering marbling art as a ground for the posters here, I have sourced a load of marbling art that I will edit in order to have bright colours to fit with the 'loud' and vibrant theme of Ministry of Sound design work.

logos for ministry of sound posters

Each night in the copy that Ministry of Sound provide for the posters has a title or a theme. It is usually a famous DJ of the dance genre of music or a dance record label. Instead of using a typeface myself to communicate the name of the night - as I have done with 'Saturday Sessions' which is a standard night at Ministry of Sound that has no distinct logotype or logo - it makes more sense to use the logos of the respective DJs, artists or record labels as the most noticeable type on the posters. These are the logos that I have selected for the posters that will not be 'Saturday Sessions' nights.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

final crit

As a general judgement, this crit was extremely helpful at such a late stage in the module. Crit comments on design work were more or less beyond repair so I personally was looking for solid constructive feedback on my board designs that I had drafted up for the crit. Luckily this was mostly what I got out of the crit. The following issues were ones that I took on board. PDFs of my boards can be found here.
  • Type size - This was something that I definitely wanted to clarify. It seems that it appeared too big printed off on the boards. I designed it with about 14pt type. I intend to change this to around 10 or 9pt out of recommendation.
  • Type choice - Admittedly, italics was a risky choice that didn't pay off. As soon as I put out my boards, Aaron - who didn't even crit my boards properly - pointed out my misuse of italics. Sometimes it can work in the relevant situation such as here on Manchester creative Young's website. However, it was definitely not appropriate for my boards. For a start, Young's website is on screen. I am designing for print!
  • Lack of board numbering - This is pretty self explanatory really. I didn't number my boards. A common sense mistake. The boards need numbering so it is clear how they work sequentially.
  • Repetition - I prefer to call this 'milking it'. It's not something I did intentionally but it's as clear as daylight when you take a step back and look at your boards. Sometimes you need to question why your showing a photo of the same product across two boards. This is something I feel foul of. More boards does not mean more work. I intend to change this and narrow down my boards.
  • Typos - There were a couple of typos. Human error will always play a part in everything. I will address these.
The problems above are the main ones. I intend to go off and resolve these problems and power on to submission. Because it's so close now and I simply want everything finished so I can think about other things.

The crit sheets courtesy of Charlotte, Becky, Meryem, Kim and Kirsty

Draft of an A2 board:

I conducted my critting with Dutch. We had a good laugh doing it whilst also noticing things in other people's work that we could address with our own. We hope our critting was helpful to all.

Friday, 2 December 2011

november 2011 issue of mojo

This is the cover for the November 2011 issue of Mojo Magazine. This is the issue that is appropriate for the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV as it occurred in this month. My plan was to take the cover information and design it around a 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV issue. However, the real issue happens to have been a commemorative George Harrison issue so a lot of the text is about George Harrison. This would be inappropriate for a Led Zeppelin issue. However, some text is irrelevant and would could stand on the issue. I could still add a bit about George Harrison though.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

stanley donwood - the king of limbs vinyl

Radiohead's good friend and artist/designer who designs all their cover art produced the design for their latest album King of Limbs. He created a fantastic limited edition range for the albums release which works beautifully as a set. He even included a lovely newspaper-based publication.

previous mojo magazine covers

I have taken the time to examine previous Mojo Magazine covers to see how to approach mine. The covers certainly changed over time. There is one distinguishing thing about the newer covers. They all appear to have CDs that come with them. his certainly dictates the cover design meaning that a square has to be left blank on the magazine with no info in it as the CD covers it.

My approach is to have a square booklet in the same place as the CD on the cover. I will have to design around this.

I have taken a look specifically at the Led Zeppelin covers that they have had in the past to see if there is anything that distinguishes them from others. In all honesty, they all seem very different. It seems to be the artist that dictates the theme of the cover on most cover. Jimi Hendrix is hosted by a psychedelic theme for example. It seems logical to design the cover to fit with my range of design.

Led Zeppelin Covers

Other covers

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

white stripes - rag & bone

This is the inspiration behind the second side of each vinyl. Each vinyl will have an image on side B as side A will be the track. I think it's a good touch for a limited edition vinyl. I can't think of anything that would be appropriate to put on the other side of the vinyl. This how the White Stripes executed this for their single Rag & Bone.

Monday, 28 November 2011

airside design - nu-balearica mix cd

Pretty cool design for a Ministry of Sound mix CD executed by Airside Design studio in London. I'm really seeing a common theme for Ministry of Sound now. And that is, 'interesting shapes and vibrant colours'. This is helping me narrow down my design direction.

paul betowski - 20 years of ministry of sound

Again, this is another very striking design for the Ministry of Sound that communicates the energy behind the brand. The colours here are very vibrant and in-your-face. It seems to adhere to the aesthetic to create what I think is a successful design for the brand.

ministry of sound compilation cd by erol en roc

This is an annual compilation CD for Ministry of Sound Australia designed by Erol en Roc. I'm a big fan of the vibrant triangles. They form an extremely vibrant image that matches the Ministry of Sound vibe. This is something that I am already detecting from the design that I have come across. Vibrance and energy. These are good design hints to work to.

unstructure - ministry of sound cd box set

This was designed by design company Unstructure. It is a general box set of the different genres of dance music that MoS promote. The repetitive vector-based design seems to be an aesthetic that suits MoS. I think it works really well here.

luke choice MoS cd

This was designed for MoS Australia. I have seen this aesthetic idea executed many times before but it doesn't stop me from appreciating it any less. This vibrant design is very appropriate for MoS as its visual energy communicates a lot about the musical and social energy that MoS seek to associate themselves with. A great design.