Thursday, 30 December 2010

optical illusions animation

Really interesting seeing all these familiar optical illusions working in an animated way. It communicates to me even more that they are very mind bending things.

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

bmw flash projection advert

This is a particularly clever advert. It is all explained in the video, but in short, what it involves is an advert for BMW being played on a projection screen and during the advert there is a series of flashes behind the screen that project the letters BMW onto the retinas of everyone who is watching.

This is certainly one of the most innovative and ingenious ideas for a conceptual form of advertisement that I have ever come across! The video is definitely worth a watch.

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

orange advert

Orange love their minimalist adverts (from time to time) to match their very minimalist logo. The logo basically paves the way for a slick advert as it has done here. The Square idea is played with well.

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I actually really enjoyed watching this animation because so much happens in it. Although it is only about the colour red a lot occurs. My main point for blogging this other than the fact that it is a very nice animated video is the use of only black, white and red in the animation. So much can be done with so few colours.

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history of music media

Pretty slick little animation that communicates the history of music media. Camera angles and panning is put to good use here.

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gustav holst's the planets visualisations

These are some really elegant visualisations that were designed to accompany Gustav Holst's The Planets suite for the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra in 2009. They work really well in my opinion. It's like pure image with pure music. My favourite is probably Jupiter.

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johnny cash motion type

Nice bit of image combined with type here.

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bbc news and bbc world news intros

Most of us see it every day and we take it for granted. But when you take it out of context you realise how well animated it actually is.

I love the BBC World News intro here because you simply want to keep watching to see what happens when the countdown gets to zero...

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bbc 1 idents 97-02

These idents take me back to being a relatively young lad and I remember how good they were. The most successful thing about these idents is their relation to the content of BBC 1 programming. The red, yellow and white globe balloon used to feature in the BBC news intro so the idents simply makes reference to BBC1s large involvement with current affairs. Just like the BBC2 idents, they communicate something about the channel.

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captain scarlet title sequence

This is a bit of a vague link to be completely honest. I came across the Captain Scarlet intro and it took me right back to my childhood as this was one of my favourite shows as a lad.

The reason I am posting this is because I think the type is actually pretty cool. I also like it at 0.48 in the video when the words Captain Scarlet appear in time to the famous drums from the show.

Motion type from the 60s!

I also reckon that the logo for Spectrum - the organisation that Captain Scarlet works for - is pretty nice!

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thank you for smoking title sequence

I stumbled across this title sequence and realised that I have recently seen this film. I remember being impressed by this title sequence due to the fact that it cleverly plays on cigarette packaging design. It's a dynamic title sequence that cleverly and aptly introduces the film Thank You For Smoking.

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catch me if you can title sequence

Film title sequences can be big for design for screen. They set the scene for the film and by being designed well, the passive viewer is immediately engaged in the film.

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why bottled?

This is an animation that was produced for a recent campaign against bottled water called 'Why Bottled?' The animation is very engaging due to the good design it offers. Good design is engaging and for an environmentally aware campaign it works as people tend to be disinterested by the straight up facts.

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animation ideas

This is a great example of how animated ideas can be put together in After Effects. This is certainly useful for establishing an understanding in creating my own quick ideas for Silent Movie in After Effects. Although granted, these ideas are longer than the 5 seconds we are expected to produce.

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constructivist animation

What is best about this video is the wide range of applied effects to it to communicate constructivist values. The concept works and the result is a successful aesthetically pleasing animation.

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david schwen motion type

A tidy piece of motion typography here working very successfully with Z planes in order to make the video much more energetic and engaging.

Good use of Helvetica also.

Also, what is particularly relevant to the Silent Movie brief is the use of black, white and one colour here. A nice design can certainly be created with these constraints and this is the proof.

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bupa adverts

The recent Bupa adverts pose an interesting illustrative take on advertising. They were likely to have been created in After Effects.

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

current bbc snooker intro

I've been watching the snooker all last week and thought I'd blog the BBC snooker intro due to its relevancy as a piece of passive moving image to design for screen.

This is a relatively new intro for BBC snooker. It is all part of the major changes in snooker that are gradually coming into play to make the sport more appealing to younger people and generally a wider audience of people. Obviously design is a key aspect in regeneration and by designing a new intro to BBC snooker, the most popular broadcaster of snooker in the UK, it will engage the most people.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

queens of the stone age - go with the flow (music video)

Much like the Kasabian music video below this post, this video relies of rotoscoping in order to give the effect seen in the video. Again, design is very key as a method of emphasising communication within all forms of passive media. It is key in making something aesthetically exciting also to make passive media interesting and easy to watch.

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kasabian - shoot the runner (music video)

This music video certainly sprung to mind when After Effects style animations were concerned. The members of Kasabian here were created through the method of rotoscoping and the result is a clean graphic, filled colour shape.

Music videos are a big area in terms of deigning for screen. They are a classic example of passive media for screen. We sit, watch and enjoy. The design aspect all relates to how the design of the music video communicates the feel of the song. For example, splattered paint is used in this Kasabian video as a more energetic part of the song comes in.

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more kinetic type

A great kinetic type animation. Good use of colour and all three dimensions.

Not too keen on the song though!

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richard nixon kinetic type

There are absolutely loads of kinetic type animations out there that can pose as good examples of how type can be used as a form of visualising speech in an interesting way. This animation doesn't particularly make use of the third dimension although it works well the the speech in audio.

The animation is stated as having been done in Adobe After effects which makes it very relevant to my current brief.

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fear and loathing in las vegas kinetic type

Here's a nice piece of kinetic type that makes use of three dimensions very well. This makes the animation far more dynamic and lively. It is definitely something worth learning on After Effects and taking advantage of it in order to create unique and original compositions of my own.

What is also notable about this animation is the varied speeds in type. What is a common denominator with pretty much all kinetic type animations is that the type accentuates how the speech in the audio is being spoken. In this animation in particular, the hectic aura is communicated through quick motion within the type. This is also notable for the quick speech pattern that Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson (the main narrator in this video from the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that is based on the book of the same name) possesses in the recording.

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

the white stripes - fell in love with a girl

This is probably one of my favourite music videos that I know. A lot is explained in the video below about it which is certainly worth a watch. The guy who made it explains a bit about stop motion animation in a very ambiguous way. Maybe because he's French and finds English difficult to communicate in I don't know! But I guess the point is is that he made a great video that really expresses the capabilities of stop motion animation as a medium of designing for screen. What is certainly interesting (that is talked about in the 'making of' video is that the video) is mostly a mish-mash of stop motion and digital animation also. Although it's done in such a way that you can't tell. I guess computers were used to 'airbrush' the animation in a way!

Oh yeah it's a decent song too.

Here's the short 'making of' video:

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piet mondrian composition

Yet another example of an animation that makes good use of zoom to give the illusion of 3 dimensions. I've always liked Mondrian's work since studying it in quite a bit of detail in the past. This animation relies highly on the aesthetic quality of the work in order to create the animation in that the lines and boxes in the paintings are constantly moving and changing to form other works by the artist. It's a nice touch how it's not just random compositions in a 'Mondrian-esque' way that are being put together, but genuine representations of his paintings from the particular period in his life that he painted like this. (Most people are unfamiliar with Mondrian's early and very late works which offer very different qualities, but when compared in relation to each other, a clear distinguishable development can be seen.)

A fascinating animation for a fascinating artist. (It's interesting to note that the concept of the animation has nothing to do with the De Stijl concept of Mondrian's work. It simply focusses on the aesthetic aspects.)

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jackson pollock exhibition advert at moma

This is a fantastic example of creating a 3 dimensional effect in After Effects. Although working on a screen, you have the perception of depth to play with which makes things really interesting as seen here.

What is also great about this animation is that it is an advert for a Pollock exhibition at MoMA in New York, so it serves a purpose as a piece of work. The element of music is nice too. By making the animation work with the music it merges everything together to make it all work in unison to work on the whole. The music has to connect with what is going on. For example, this video simply would not go with a song by, say, Slipknot for example!

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james bond dr. no title sequence

The original James Bond film. This animation is very unique for its time due to the minimalist graphics involved. Given that it was made in 1962, its pretty impressive. These days it would get done on After Effects. Just shows that you don't need computers for everything and also that you can design for screen without one! However, computers do make the process far quicker and much better quality. Although there is definitely something attractive about the old 60s feel to the title sequence.

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james bond casino royale title sequence

I forgot about how great this title sequence is. I found it whilst looking for some cool old James Bond sequences and did not realise how relevant this sequence is to the After Effects work we've been doing. Chances are that it was done on After Effects. And it must have been extremely detailed! It's amazing what can be done with the time, patience and knowledge of that program.

Film title sequences are definitely a great example of design for screen. They have to be effective for a projection in the cinema as well as for watching the film on DVD or on telly at home. However, with the rate of development in the technology of screen cinematics, making films effective for all types of screen based media is becoming much less of a tricky task for graphic designers.

I'll definitely look at some old Bond title sequences also.

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channel 4 idents from the 00s

Shown first sometime in the noughties, these are definitely a spawn of the nineties BBC2 idents. They do the job perfectly. They look cool due to the hidden '4' in the location and keep you engaged as the program is introduced. It is the hidden '4' that makes these so different to the BBC2 idents; the fact that they are very stringently location based. Whereas The BBC2 idents focussed more on materials and objects.

Where is the sense in a boring ident? The amusingness of the ident is just as important as the relevance to the channel that they are being shown on.

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bbc 2 idents 1991-2001

There was definitely something revolutionary about the BBC 2 idents that are in this video. They more or less set off the craze of creativity within idents for channels which can be seen on most channels today. The best thing about the idents is that a lot of the time they don't even have to make sense. They just have to look cool. In terms of BBC 2 they simply have to involve the numerical character '2'. However, some idents definitely communicate something about the type of programs that they show on BBC. That is, factual, scientific, documentary and political (generally aimed at an older more mature audience). This is evident through idents such as the natural one at 1:07 which is again played in in the gorilla at 2:04. Other idents that seem more artistic definitely play on a scientific theme by making use of gravity, and properties of different materials such as liquids, powder, light and even explosives. From one perspective it can be seen as a great binding of science and art!

There is definitely something sinister about the music in the idents! I remember seeing most of these as a young kid and thinking how eerie the music was! Is it even music? I suppose it's just weird sounds.

Anyway, they're a good watch and certainly a good example of how design can be used for screen. And let's not forget their purpose... Something for the screen while a program is introduced. They are definitely interesting and do the job successfully.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

reservoir dogs kinetic type

Almost certainly created on After Effect, this is a nice piece of kinetic type. It is a solid example of how words can be expressed visually in relation to how they are said. For example, words with more stressed syllables are bigger and more highlighted.

Working with the 4th dimension of time within graphic design can put a whole different perspective and emphasis on the communication of a message.

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detailed type character flip book

A good example of a flip book. This is the way that a lot of animations begin and is a fundamental aspect of idea generation within animation.

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Monday, 22 November 2010

embossing and stamp printing

A unique take on printing. This hand stamped method of printing gives a very organic feel. The embossed effect is very professional and has a high quality finish to that matches the organic 'stamp' method of printing.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

monopoly advertisements

Some interesting Monopoly advertisements of the past. These are the kinds of advertisements that can be applied to a range of things to produce an advertising range. For example, billboards, posters, the sides of buses, t-shirts, mugs, banners etc. The list is practically endless.

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

mark howe

Going to a talk by Mark Howe tomorrow so I checked out his stuff. Turns out it's very much up my street. I would love to be doing this kind of thing after I graduate. I look forward to the talk!

To some extent it is this kind of contemporary graphics and illustration that has fueled my philosophy monopoly project due to my application of contemporary graphics within the project. They are engaging which is essential for my philosophy monopoly concept.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:

Be seeing you!

stefan lucuț

A selection of some of my favourite work by young, contemporary, Romanian designer/illustrator, Ștefan Lucuț. Very inspirational and up and coming. I particularly love the variation in media within his work. Very multi-talented.

Be seeing you!

i love chopin

This is a clever little piece of design by Polish design company Syfon Studio. It employs a conceptual use of symbolism in the fact that an aerial view of a grand piano looks like a heart. It is this kind of simple, conceptual, image based design (althought type is also considered here) that I love.

I also like this because I love Chopin...

In terms of printing, the t-shirt is likely to be a spot colour (red and black) screen print due to the block colour. A 4 colour process print would be a waste of time, ink and money!

Be seeing you!

red antler - contemporary furniture promotion

What is particularly interesting about this is the punched out holes in order to create the type on the front cover of this booklet which is just part of a range of products used to promote this brand of furniture in a contemporary way. I have only posted this I see it as being more relevant that the rest of the promotional material. And it is my preferred piece!

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moonlight off the sea from space

Photo taken by astronauts from the International Space Station as it passed over Earth somewhere near the border of France and Italy along the coast of the Mediterranean.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Metaklinika have produced this very engaging design for Summit of Cheap Laser Graphic's 2 year report. What is clever about this design is that it reflects the company through how the costs of printing are saved in production of the book. The design works with only two colours + the stock it is on. This would definitely save on costs. Conceptually it works due to the company's ethos. With the two colour system, there is the option of being able to precisely choose a colour from a colour system such as Pantone. By doing this, only two colour rollers would be needed in the print process. Black (Key) and the yellow. As the stock is some grade of paper, the print process is likely to be litho. So:

PROCESS - spot colour litho (2 colour) black (key) + Unknown Pantone yellow
STOCK - Unknown gsm of bleach white paper

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