Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Circular Optical Illusions (OUGD103)

The idea of communicating the notion of vague and vogue crossed over has been fueled by the visual qualities of these circular optical illusions:

The reason I have chosen circles is that they have always represented the idea of perfection and infinity. By sticking to the latest fashions and what is 'vogue' people are striving to look good. The notion of 'looking good' strongly relates to the human desire for perfection which people falsely believe can be found through what is 'vogue'. For example, the perfect body, size zero, and the latest trend. Vogue is vague as its always changing and therefore has nothing to do with the perfect form/image.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

British Airways (OUGD102)

In 1997 British Airways took a turn in their tail designs. They decided to replace their classic union jack design with several designs which were designed by various national and international artists and designers. They did this to represent their various network of destinations. They called it their 'Ethnic Livery'. Views were very mixed on the designs. Margaret Thatcher, for example, hated the designs as they diminished the connotations of British patriotism which were in the original British flag-based design. Here are a few of them:

These designs can be found at:

In 2001 the designs were all dropped and replaced by the third design in this list which was only in use on BA Concordes at the time. The main reason for this is that BA deduced that it was losing its British identity along with customers. So they developed the entire fleet to have the British based design out of all of them.

All in all though, I feel that it was an nice way of bringing some interest into the area even if it ultimately began to effect BA's profits!


East Midlands Trains (OUGD102)

Since the latest image for East Midlands Trains came out, I have liked it very much. It communicates very well through aesthetically pleasing design. The red dot that unifies the designs is a good visual representation for direction and destination which is what trains are all about. It's a brilliant visual concept in my eyes. Here are some examples:

These designs were developed by the design group Digital Viking and can be found at: