Monday, 22 November 2010

embossing and stamp printing

A unique take on printing. This hand stamped method of printing gives a very organic feel. The embossed effect is very professional and has a high quality finish to that matches the organic 'stamp' method of printing.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

monopoly advertisements

Some interesting Monopoly advertisements of the past. These are the kinds of advertisements that can be applied to a range of things to produce an advertising range. For example, billboards, posters, the sides of buses, t-shirts, mugs, banners etc. The list is practically endless.

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

mark howe

Going to a talk by Mark Howe tomorrow so I checked out his stuff. Turns out it's very much up my street. I would love to be doing this kind of thing after I graduate. I look forward to the talk!

To some extent it is this kind of contemporary graphics and illustration that has fueled my philosophy monopoly project due to my application of contemporary graphics within the project. They are engaging which is essential for my philosophy monopoly concept.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:

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stefan lucuț

A selection of some of my favourite work by young, contemporary, Romanian designer/illustrator, Ștefan Lucuț. Very inspirational and up and coming. I particularly love the variation in media within his work. Very multi-talented.

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i love chopin

This is a clever little piece of design by Polish design company Syfon Studio. It employs a conceptual use of symbolism in the fact that an aerial view of a grand piano looks like a heart. It is this kind of simple, conceptual, image based design (althought type is also considered here) that I love.

I also like this because I love Chopin...

In terms of printing, the t-shirt is likely to be a spot colour (red and black) screen print due to the block colour. A 4 colour process print would be a waste of time, ink and money!

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red antler - contemporary furniture promotion

What is particularly interesting about this is the punched out holes in order to create the type on the front cover of this booklet which is just part of a range of products used to promote this brand of furniture in a contemporary way. I have only posted this I see it as being more relevant that the rest of the promotional material. And it is my preferred piece!

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moonlight off the sea from space

Photo taken by astronauts from the International Space Station as it passed over Earth somewhere near the border of France and Italy along the coast of the Mediterranean.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Metaklinika have produced this very engaging design for Summit of Cheap Laser Graphic's 2 year report. What is clever about this design is that it reflects the company through how the costs of printing are saved in production of the book. The design works with only two colours + the stock it is on. This would definitely save on costs. Conceptually it works due to the company's ethos. With the two colour system, there is the option of being able to precisely choose a colour from a colour system such as Pantone. By doing this, only two colour rollers would be needed in the print process. Black (Key) and the yellow. As the stock is some grade of paper, the print process is likely to be litho. So:

PROCESS - spot colour litho (2 colour) black (key) + Unknown Pantone yellow
STOCK - Unknown gsm of bleach white paper

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christoph niemann

Christoph Niemann is one of my favourite illustrators/designers. His work is something that I would love to eventually aspire to. One of the reasons why I like his work so much is due to the subtle aspect of communication that it offers. Each piece of work he produces has the ability to suggest a multitude of communicative aspects.

Niemann has the great ability to make interesting and apt relations in his image-based work in order to suggest something unique and interesting. A conceptual quality that stands up equally to the visual standard of his work. 

Flicking between New York and Germany (his home country), Niemann has built up an impressive and extensive portfolio after working for world renown clients such as The New Yorker. He still maintains his status in the industry working independently as an illustrator.

His work is produced on a very quick turn around ranging from days to perhaps a couple of weeks. Essentially, life as an illustrator is very fast paced. It relies on smooth dialogue between client and illustrator/designer. Due to the short deadlines, a brief might consist of a few ideas emailed over to the client, with the client simply choosing their favourite to be produced into the final thing. This is why client/designer dialogue should be smooth and positive. This is something that Niemann has to deal with on a very regular basis.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite pieces.

This is a really interesting take on Christoph Niemann's life as a designer. Basically, if he was to have a PPD blog, this is what he would put on it! It is certainly an inspirational way to document my ongoing development as a designer/illustrator.

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