Wednesday, 27 April 2011

chopin w miesce (chopin in the city) by michal sycz - subject/content

This is a fantastic example of a range of products that combine over a range of medias that celebrates the life of Polish pianist, Frederik Chopin. The celebration came in the product form of an event which was spread all around Krakow. The design is a great homage to a great man whose music I am very fond of. The red and white colour scheme is perfect for the Polish and is very patriotic for the nation - incidentally, Chopin himself was a very patriotic Pole. He frowned at the Polish immigrants in Paris when he was living there as he maintained the opinion that they put a bad name on the nation. I myself like to keep my Polish roots strong. Jeszce Polska nie zginela!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

beethoven album cover by berkay daglar - subject/content

Since I was about 18 I developed a liking for classical music. I found it very pleasant to revise to during A levels and today I find it great working music. I took a particular liking for the music of Beethoven and I still very much enjoy listening to his work today. This album cover - although it's not specified what piece(es) of Beethoven's music it is for - has a lovely illustration painting of the man himself which does the packaging justice. It is great to see painting in the form of graphic design.

jimi hendrix axis: bold as love limited edition vinyl by serhat ferhat - interesting subject/content

I am a big fan of Jimi Hendrix (who appeared in the last post incidentally) and this design for a limited edition of his second album Axis: Bold As Love is something that caught my eye. Not only do I find the subject matter interesting but I like the contemporary vinyl sleeve design. Vinyl records have also come to my interest recently as I have acquired a record player and have begun collecting old vinyl records. As well as the contemporary sleeve, I am a big fan of 60s influenced typography which ties with my general interest in the 1960s. A lovely piece of design all around.

dead guy ale by tisha boonyawatana - interesting subject/content

Since I was 18 I have always been drinking real ale and I always like to try a new one. (People do joke that I should be 60 years old.) Here's one I haven't tried. Funnily enough it combines another interest of mine which is music with these bottles displaying Elvis, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, all of whom I have great respect for in music - particularly the latter two. The idea is topped of with a funk design that matches the quirkiness of the idea. Very nice.

power snooker by lume studio, brighton - interesting subject/content

I have been interested in snooker since as long as I can remember. Something that snooker has been crying out for for a few years now is a re-design and a new image. This is something that has been a talking point in the sport a lot recently. It is a way of attracting young players to the game to keep it popular. Very recently after Barry Hearn took over the sport, he introduced the brand new concept of 'Power Snooker' to the game; a fast paced and exciting variation of the traditional game. Along with this new exciting game had to come a new exciting design. This is where Lume Studio from Brighton were asked to step in. They produced this excellent and appropriate branding of Power Snooker and what better a mascot than The Rocket, Ronnie O'Sullivan who is considered something of a 'cool' player in the game.

Monday, 25 April 2011

world on an apple

slinktype by paul hollingworth

Some interesting and innovative type that is influenced by the iconic child's toy, the slinky. The circular repetition offers a very interesting aesthetic to the typeface. The image-based nature makes it successful in creating some good pieces of design.

ogaki typeface by aron jancso

Here's something I would love to have created. As well as showing a prowess for technical type, jansco makes some fantastic images using it also.

roke1984 by paul molas

This is a fantastic example of some image-based type in the form of an entire typeface that paul molas has created.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Existentialism is the field of philosophy that concerns itself with the purpose of human existence. It essentially asks 'the big question' of 'why are we here?' There are a few philosophers that pioneered in this field - Jean Paul Sartre and Martin Heidegger to name two of the most influential thinkers in this area - however, I am not choosing to cover either of their existential philosophies in any extensive depth in the communication of my posters. I am aiming more to communicate general statements or points that simply relate to existential thought.

Here are some examples (not necessarily designed examples) that explain the general idea of existentialist thought:

"Existence precedes essence" - Jean Paul Sartre, is probably the most famous quote that has come out of existentialism. However, it can be difficult to understand at face value. The quote is in relation to the existence of humanity. What Sartre is saying is that when considering humanity, its existence comes before any purpose that is claimed or suggested for it. He is essentially saying that there is no purpose to the existence of any human. Only that we create our own purpose based around the lives that we live. Therefore there is nothing more to life than existence. We are born, then we eventually die.