Friday, 27 May 2011

mike kammerling - outsiders type experiment

Lovely bit of type the echos both Bauhaus and V'Khutemas and both their modern ideals. I suppose this makes this post modern typography. Colouration is attractive here and this particularly reminds me of old soviet design.

nick schmitz - hell yeah!

Hell yeah! Module (and year is almost) finished and this is also an alright bit of design.

pj tierny - formula 1 2011 poster

I'm not even a fan of formula 1 (although I used to watch it a bit), but I think these posters are pretty cool. There are posters for all the grand prixs but I have just chosen a few here.

mihal mihaylov - exo tyoe

This great image based typography is for an arts and science magazine. A very interesting mix of disciplines. However, I believe it works well because the precision reflects the science and the design reflects on the arts. Very modern, very slick.

moshik nadav - gilad shalit project

An interesting response to this project in relation to the numbers the numbers are significant to the the days have gone past since gilad shalit was kidnapped. The layering of the numbers is significant in terms of time passing. Some not bad layout either.

leon dijkstra - ridiculous typography rules

I have recently been maintaining that I love a lot of graphic design that involves lines. This has resulted in me producing work of my own similar to this. This piece is great in my opinion. It has a concept behind it also which is pretty successful. A great bit of image based typography.

randy raharja - numbers

Randy Raharja has illustrated these lovely numbers here. Its a good example of how the individual character can be explored and appreciated for its shape as an art form. However, when I first saw this I immediately thought of Si Scott...

the luxury of protest - the babyshambles sessions

I really like the concept that goes into this poster - that is, that you fill in the relevant squares yourself to complete the image of Pete Doherty. In a sense you make your own poster. Interactivity is always good in design as it is a great way of engaging the user with the content and this works extremely well here.

zachary zabolis - neos

Zachary Zabolis has created a lovely info graphic for newly discovered objects in the solar system. The subtle colours so the image a lot of justice and the exploitation on the circular form in relation to the objects' orbits around the sun works to create the nice image that forms the clever info graphic.

tea time studio - ferderico aubele, vinyl single

I really like the concept for the image on these vinyl single covers. It is very innovative in communicating the essence of the origins of the music. The colour is also subtle and smart. Good job.