Thursday, 29 September 2011

water, malt, hops & yeast organic ale

A simple design with a focus on some lovely type. The simple design clearly reflects the simplicity of the ideas behind the organic lager. Hence the contents being simply, water, malt, hops & yeast.

dead guy ale

I personally love the subject matter here myself. Making a small range of ales based around dead musicians is a great idea! However, for my own brewery, I will have to create more of a universal theme.

bluefly ale

What I like best about this ale packaging is the unconventional label shape. The image itself forms the label and the type sits directly on the bottle. The quirky image of the splatted fly would certainly direct itself at younger drinkers.

andreas neophytou

The type/image relation here is very successful. Both are the focus of the overall image. Both type and image can be used successfully together without one overpowering the other.

same old

Found this on Nice bit of image based type which could certainly be interpreted as the creative outlet of some existential angst!

greene king brewery st. edmunds

This beer is part of the Greene King brewery range of ales and beers. Although this design does not adhere to any strict kind of aesthetics for a range. The reason I am blogging this is because of the use of type on the design. I personally think it is very well executed with a good use of colour. Also it's a cracking ale. Drink it.

heartland brewery

My favourite thing about this design is the 'H' on the label. I like the idea of potentially focusing the design typographically. However, although the colours are very well executed in this range of beers, it would be nice if the image on the label varied to fit with the set. Great work though. Addition of a publication is a smart idea also.

tocobaga ale label competition

This design manages to maintain the latino feel of the brewery in question whilst giving it a contemporary feel.

bric a brac microbrewery packaging system

This caught my eye because of the illustrations. This is a great touch in distinguishing each ale from the next one with a nice range of colours with a pastel hint to them. The addition of a flavour guide is very interesting as an addition to the range and makes sense for the brand. A great piece of work in my opinion.

green room brewing

The bold vector graphics of this logo stand out over traditional ale branding. There is certainly a contemporary feel to the logo. I have noticed that sans serif typefaces make a lot of difference in making this happen for a logo. This is a nice logo but I want to see more branding for the brand! I would say that this is more in the direction I want to head though.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ocean brewery

This is certainly a contemporary touch on real ale although I see this as rather corporate and bland. Too much sincerity. However, the idea of making real ale fit into a contemporary context is on the right lines.

st. peter's organic ale

I have actually had this ale before and I remember the graphics distinctly because of the ligature between the 'S' and the 't' in 'St.' on the bottle label design. I thought this was a lovely touch to a contemporary design that maintains traditional elements through type.

dinkey wheat beer

Nicely relevant branding. A very image-based typographic approach which fits the traditional archetypal 'pub feel' of beer branding. I've noticed how this designer has used a sans serif typeface as a step forward to the contemporary. Would like to see more of a range though.

mason arms beer

Pretty good effort at maintaining the traditional in a contemporary context across this nice range of three beers. The keg is a nice touch. The brand has the potential for a massive extension. Nevertheless this is good contextual understanding.

bear republic brewery

The Communist theme caught my eye here. The illustration for the packaging is really successful in my eyes and it spreads across the mini range nicely. The colour combinations are great and there really is a contemporary feel to ale drinking here. I would say that this expands ale to a broader audience successfully.

the paget steamin' billy brewing co. branding

I came across this by chance. Bizarrely, this pub is situated in my beloved home town of Loughborough. It's a pretty decent attempt at branding via the form of a website. Good contemporary layout knowledge is clearly exploited by the designer. I know myself from having visited the pub that it is a popular student hang out with the traditional feel of a pub. This is essentially my target market for my own brief so it is a fantastic contextual example.