Wednesday, 30 November 2011

white stripes - rag & bone

This is the inspiration behind the second side of each vinyl. Each vinyl will have an image on side B as side A will be the track. I think it's a good touch for a limited edition vinyl. I can't think of anything that would be appropriate to put on the other side of the vinyl. This how the White Stripes executed this for their single Rag & Bone.

Monday, 28 November 2011

airside design - nu-balearica mix cd

Pretty cool design for a Ministry of Sound mix CD executed by Airside Design studio in London. I'm really seeing a common theme for Ministry of Sound now. And that is, 'interesting shapes and vibrant colours'. This is helping me narrow down my design direction.

paul betowski - 20 years of ministry of sound

Again, this is another very striking design for the Ministry of Sound that communicates the energy behind the brand. The colours here are very vibrant and in-your-face. It seems to adhere to the aesthetic to create what I think is a successful design for the brand.

ministry of sound compilation cd by erol en roc

This is an annual compilation CD for Ministry of Sound Australia designed by Erol en Roc. I'm a big fan of the vibrant triangles. They form an extremely vibrant image that matches the Ministry of Sound vibe. This is something that I am already detecting from the design that I have come across. Vibrance and energy. These are good design hints to work to.

unstructure - ministry of sound cd box set

This was designed by design company Unstructure. It is a general box set of the different genres of dance music that MoS promote. The repetitive vector-based design seems to be an aesthetic that suits MoS. I think it works really well here.

luke choice MoS cd

This was designed for MoS Australia. I have seen this aesthetic idea executed many times before but it doesn't stop me from appreciating it any less. This vibrant design is very appropriate for MoS as its visual energy communicates a lot about the musical and social energy that MoS seek to associate themselves with. A great design.

chris lamb - alex dolby album artwork

Here is some album artwork designed for DJ Alex Dolby. The client stated for this is Ministry of Sound so I would assume that they adhere to this edge of aesthetic which I actually quite like here. I have always been a fan of repetition in design.

ministry of sound fragrances

This is a very bizarre business venture for Ministry of Sound and according to my research, this is genuine. They have released their own fragrances. The packaging here is very appropriate for the target market and interestingly minimalist.

ministry of sound vip menu

This is my frist look at the kind of design that MoS go for with their design. My current understanding is that it is very 'photoshoppy' but I am looking for design that proves otherwise. I want to try and create something different to the standard photoshop MoS designs. Here is a nice little piece that appears to be the cocktail menu in the VIP section of the club. Its a bit different to the OTT photoshop graphics that MoS can go for.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

the legality of letterheads

It has come to my attention that there are certain legalities that are to be met for producing letterheads for a company. Although this is about as interesting as the innards of a tennis ball, it is necessary to be aware of this when designing. These are the conditions that are to be met in certain circumstances:

  • If you are a sole trader you can trade under your own name or you can choose a different business name. If you choose a business name that is not your own name, you must include your own name and the business address on all letterheads and order forms.
  • If you are a partnership business your letterheads, order forms, receipts and even invoices must include the names of all partners and the address of the main office. If there are many partners then it is also acceptable to state where a list of partners may be found.
  • If your company is trading as a limited company the letterhead and order form stationary (whether printed or electronic versions) must include:
    • Your full registered company name
    • The company registration number and place of registration 
    • The company registered address and the address of its place of business, if different
    • There is no need to include the names of the directors on the letterhead for a limited company, but if you choose to name directors all directors must be named
So it's all pretty simple.
As far as my brewery is concerned, I will be approaching this from the perspective of this being a LTD. company. Therefore I will meet the requirements for my letterhead.

neublok branding neografik

Very successful branding here by Neografik who are based in Australia. The conjoining N's to form the logo that looks like an isometric cube is extremely successful as a logo image. A brand identity that has been expanded successfully over a range of deliverables in innovative ways.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

waterstones branding/promotion

Waterstone's have had a rebrand pretty recently. Along with this has a come a load of cool new promotional material that can be seen around all Waterstones stores across the country. This will help me identify an aesthetic to fit with the Waterstones stores that the Penguin Dystopia range is should be designed to fit with.

The new logo (right)